HyperImage 3.5.1

Mass download photos from the net


  • Browses through images quickly
  • Filtershow you download images
  • Optimised for major blogging platforms
  • Search images fast


  • Can stall when downloading

Very good

HyperImage allows you to quickly download images from the internet onto your desktop.

To download images, you can instruct HyperImage to follow links, which can seem a little confusing at first, but will actually save you time.

You can include or exclude file names and extensions that you choose and set a maximum number of links to follow. HyperImage can also download images from up to 100 different sites.

While the downloading process is fairly straightforward, HyperImage does have a tendency to stall every now and then. HyperImage offers an activity viewer though , which will display a list of all images downloaded, active, skipped and still in queue and it's useful to keep track of what you've collected.

HyperImage is not only a powerful image downloader but also lets you quickly skim through pictures. The browser view, similar to what you get in iTunes, lets you preview all your images quickly in a number of ways, including by subfolders.

You can set HyperImage to full screen view, which gives you a quick overview of all your images in a folder, or slideshow to automatically play them back.

In all, even though HyperImage has a tendency to stall when downloading, it's an effective way to download multiple images from a site and browser them in a number of ways.

Can now queue Tumblr posts inside the application.


  • Can now queue Tumblr posts inside the application.

There are millions of images on the web, but no convenient way to download them besides clicking on them one by one. HyperImage is the solution: an industrial-strength tool for downloading entire websites worth of pictures all at once.



HyperImage 3.5.1

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